What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of “alternative dispute resolution” (ADR). ADR is a general term for methods of resolving a dispute (whether family, civil or otherwise) without going through the formal court process but providing an opportunity for a complete resolution. ADR can save time and money and can increase overall satisfaction with the outcome of […]

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The Promise of Mediation

Life is a struggle. No matter how happy we may be. No matter how successful. The stressors we experience distract us from what is important to make it to the next day. When we encounter a conflict that complicates our lives, whether a domestic conflict or a civil conflict, we are further distracted from life. […]

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Mediation: The Better Option for Family Disputes

Struggling with where your child will go to school? Summer is here and these will be some of the most crucial months in family disputes. This is when the most cases come to court by divorced parents who want to make a decision on where their child or children will attend school. One parent may […]

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