Fee Schedule

Mediation in civil matters refers to all cases involving disputes that may be filed in the Superior Court, or that pursuant to contract or other agreement are subject to Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings.

Deposits are required when services are requested. Deposit will be credited to the payer’s share of the ADR service fee.

California Arbitration & Mediation Services does not charge any administrative fees.

Fees for Family Law Matters are set by the individual panelists.

Facility fees will be charged at the rate charged by the facility.

Arbitration shall require either a self-executing contract provision, Written agreement to arbitration, stipulation, or court order.

Referee and Special Master engagements hall require either  a self-executing contract provision, Written agreement, stipulation or court order.

Basic Fee

The basic CAMS civil mediation fee is $1,800.00 (Zoom). This includes up to 1⁄2 hour of preparation time and up to 4 hours of mediation time. Every hour, or portion thereof after the first 4 hours is billed at $450 per hour. In-Person mediation fee: $500.00/hr with a four-hour ($2,000.00) minimum.


Fees for complex cases, involving 4 or more parties and/or presenting complex legal or factual issues are priced separately by the mediator.

Set Up, Administration and Travel Time

CAMS does not charge an "administration fee". Set up and convening your mediation does not add to the cost. CAMS has limited mediation spaces which may require the daily rental of mediation spaces at an agreed upon location. These location charges are split equally among the parties.


CAMS’ independent mediators have the discretion to charge for travel time beyond 25 miles at $200 per hour plus $.55 per mile, round trip, as calculated on internet-based mapping programs such as Google Maps or MapQuest.


If out-of-town, over-night travel is required, travel, lodging and meal expenses will be added to the fees. The panelist will estimate such charges. Payment for travel related expense estimates must be received before the session is confirmed and reservations made.

Payment, Cancellation, and Postponement
Advance payment is required for the time estimates offered by the parties. Once payment is received, a mediation date will be confirmed. The fee deposit is a retainer guaranteeing the time reserved. Payment should be made directly to the selected mediator.   Confirmed mediation sessions for which fees have been received are subject to the following refund/reimbursement schedule, in which “days” refer to calendar days:
  • Cancellation 30 days or more before the date set: 100% minus $400 for preparation and set up; however, no additional charge if a new date is set at the time of postponement.
  • Postponement or Cancellation 15 – 29 days before the date set: Refund of 50% of the advance fee unless the mediator can reschedule the time, in which case a refund of the full amount less $400, will be made.
  • Postponement or Cancellation 8 – 14 days before the date set: Refund of 25% of the advance fee unless the mediator can reschedule the time, in which case a refund of the full amount less $400, will be made.
  • Postponement or Cancellation 7 days or less before the date set: No Refund at the discretion of the panelist.