An Elevated Approach to Dispute Resolution

The panelists of California Arbitration & Mediation Services have developed a wide reputation for having the talent & skills needed to help parties navigate the many difficult facets of legal conflict. Those panelists work collaboratively amongst each other to refine their efforts in order to stay focused on the cutting edge of dispute resolution techniques. The result is that the clients of California Arbitration & Mediation Services can expect and will receive an elevated level of service.

Online Dispute Resolution

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, and at a time when social distancing is required to save lives, technology has been vital to human connection. This turn in society has forced even the most reluctant practitioners and overburdened institutions to rely on technology to assist in the handling of disputes. California Arbitration & Mediation Services is enthusiastic about this upsurge, further innovating the use of technology in the name of access to justice for all.

California Arbitration & Mediation Services is an elite association of highly trained and widely experienced dispute resolution professionals.

Our signature is the constant, on-going and in-depth collaboration amongst our panelists in order to stay on the crest of new developments in Dispute Resolution. Our goal is to promptly deliver cutting-edge services at a reasonable cost.

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