Mediation: The Better Option for Family Disputes

Struggling with where your child will go to school?

Summer is here and these will be some of the most crucial months in family disputes.

This is when the most cases come to court by divorced parents who want to make a decision on where their child or children will attend school. One parent may have enrolled their child at school in their town and another parent may have enrolled their child in school in another town, which introduces many more issues into child custody. In some cases, a child may not be enrolled anywhere because parents cannot come to a decision about where they want the child to attend, which sets matters back until the courts can help them with that decision. The fact of the matter is: Children should continue to attend whatever school they previously attended until the parents agree or a Court says otherwise. Mediation is another option.

Family Mediation allows you to reach your own decisions about contact arrangements rather than having a Judge decide for you. Making mediated agreements work better and last longer.

What will happen if you and your ex live in different cities?

Let’s say that you live a while away from your ex and want your child to go to a completely different school than he or she has in mind. Assume that you are the custodial parent and you decide to make the decision of where you will enroll your child for kindergarten. If you have joint legal custody of the child, then you will have to reach a decision about these matters with your ex. But if you have exhausted every option and cannot agree, meet with a specialized mediator to come to an agreement.

Whether you have joint custody or not there are a lot of details that need to be decided from who your child’s doctor will be to where they will attend summer camp or where they will attend school. Mediation gives you control, it allows a dialogue and a resolution that will truly be okay with both parties.

If these are real concerns of yours, then mediation is your best option. Your child’s interests will always be the most important consideration. You and your ex will be able to discuss freely what may work best at this time. A mediator facilitates and guides you both to a resolution that will endure and be ideal for you, your child and your family. Choose to an amicable approach.

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Ms. Azizi has operates a law firm for nearly two decades in the areas of Civil and Business Litigation and Family Law. Azizi has served as a mediator for the San Bernardino and Riverside civil and family courts, and she has personally mediated more than 1,000 family law cases. She attended Hofstra University and University of La Verne School of Law here in California after deciding to pursue law as a second career. She is now a recognized legal expert in the Inland Empire, a panelist for Inland Valley Arbitration and Mediation Services. Lean more about her by visiting