The panelists of California Arbitration & Mediation Services have more well over 100 years of experience, successfully serving thousands of clients towards resolving their disputes.

California Arbitration & Mediation Services has been recognized throughout Southern California as a service that approaches every case with a huge degree of attention to detail and circumstance. Each Independent Panelist is fully insured and is dedicated to providing the highest quality
Dispute Resolution services.

Our Team

Susan Nauss Exon

(951) 323-6280

Donald Cripe

(909) 864-5156

Hallie R. Darnell

(951) 267-1776

Charles (Chas) Schoemaker

(760) 413-0860

Delilah Knox-Rios

(909) 598-3747

Luis Lopez

(951) 367-0834

Soheila Azizi

(909) 484-9992

Thomas C. Watts, III, Esq.

(714) 364-0100