Online Dispute Resolution

California Arbitration and Mediation Services panelists are early adopters of Online Dispute Resolution as a safe and effective alternative to in-person sessions.

As a result, while others may be learning the ropes, we are constantly honing our skills in order to deliver a secure, dependable and understandable process in which attorneys and parties can place confidence

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, and at a time when social distancing is required to save lives, technology has been vital to human connection. This turn in society has forced even the most reluctant practitioners and overburdened institutions to rely on technology to assist in the handling of disputes.

California Arbitration and Mediation Services is enthusiastic about this upsurge, further innovating the use of technology in the name of access to justice for all. The traditional modalities of dispute resolution have a range between processes where the parties are in full control the of the process to where a third party neutral takes control of both the process and the procedure.

Online Dispute resolution can also augment the traditional means of resolving disputes by applying innovative techniques and online technologies to the process. Almost all of the usual stages of the process can be accomplished online from the filing and neutral appointment, to discussions between the parties, hearing evidence and argument , through processing settlements and decision for the parties.

As the COVID pandemic struck, the panelists of California Arbitration and Mediation Services flew into action to deliver Online Dispute Resolution services to parties safely, securely and at an affordable cost.