Settlement Consulting

The panelists of California Arbitration & Mediation Services are available to analyze and advise either counsel or client on the development of strategies for resolving legal dispute.

The litigation alternative may always be pursued with the settlement alternative. It is often difficult in the heat of legal battles to be mindful of the opportunities to resolve disputes.

The best cases are cases that resolve with the greatest possible advantage to one or more of the parties. It is our universal experience that the sooner a party starts to objectively analyze the probable alternatives and the import of those alternatives, the better positioned that party becomes to command the process . That process also requires an objective analysis of the other parties at the table and how to connect the interests of those parties within the constellation of resolution alternatives. It is crucial to know when to roll out settlement initiatives and how to stage the various alternatives in a constructive way. The panelists at California Arbitration & Mediations Services will serve to remove the conflict clutter that interferes with negotiated resolutions advise with focused recommendations on how a party might decide to proceed.