Construction Law & Construct Defect Disputes

Whether construction contracts are large or small, high dollar or low dollar, residential or commercial or industrial, private or public, they typically involve multiple parties and can quickly become complex.

Many times there are disputes involving contract interpretation such as scope of work, change orders, claims, payment terms, etc., and other times there are disputes related to work performance, delays, acceleration, interference, alleged defective work, etc. Regardless of the nature of the dispute, it inevitably results in substantial losses to the parties. Many times communications have broken down and the parties find themselves at an impasse. Whatever the dispute, it is critical that the parties strictly follow the time frames and procedures, including alternative dispute resolution, set forth in the contract or lose important and valuable remedies.

The panel neutrals at California Arbitration & Mediation Services have extensive experience in litigating, arbitrating, and mediating the numerous issues arising out of disputes related to the construction project, whether it be at the contract formation, performance, or completion stage, or years later when issues related to alleged defects arise. Whatever the issue and whatever stage of construction the dispute arises, California Arbitration & Mediation Services’ experienced neutrals are ready, willing and able to step in to assist the parties whether through mediation, arbitration, or other neutral evaluation, to craft a mutually beneficial resolution.

Whatever your needs or those of your client, contact any one of our panel neutrals with construction expertise to discuss and explore the most effective, efficient, and economical method to resolve your disputes.