Elder Care

The health and well being of your elderly loved one is of the utmost importance.

But sometimes conflicts can arise as to how to specifically provide the care your loved one needs. And unfortunately, sometimes conflicts can arise when family members have differing opinions as to how to provide elder care. So if you’re in need of elder care mediation services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, turn to California Arbitration & Mediation Services for assistance.

What is an elder care mediator?

In the simplest of terms, an elder care mediator is a professional who can help settle disputes between siblings and other relatives when a parent or grandparent requires care. 

An elder care mediator can help:

  • Families reach decisions that seem fair for all parties;
  • Preserve relationships within the family;
  • Make it easier for parents to receive the best care possible;
  • Family members avoid litigation;

Described by AARP as a “new solution to an old problem”, an elder care mediator can help siblings settle disputes involving:

  • Money and financial matters (Should siblings be paid for caring for an aging parent? Who controls the money?);
  • Decisions involving the aging parent’s abilities and freedoms (Should the parent drive anymore? Should they move to assisted living?);
  • Caregiving concerns and support (Who should bear the responsibility of caring for the parent? How should caregiving duties be split?);
  • End-of-life and healthcare decisions (What is the best type of care for a parent that most closely honors their wishes?);
  • An elder care mediator can also discuss matters concerning inheritance, geography, and the role-reversal emotions adult children sometimes face when tasked with caring for an aging parent.