Professional Negligence/Malpractice

Mistakes are a part of life.

In our complicated world, we rely more and more upon the skills of professionals. On rare occasion, one of those professionals is perceived to have made a professional error causing someone harm.

California Arbitration & Mediation Services is privileged to have among its panelists Mediators and Arbitrators who have not only handled such matters as Neutrals, but who have also litigated such matters as counsel for both the plaintiff and defendant. Additionally, a member of our panel is on the panel of arbitrators and mediators for the American Health Lawyers’ Association and an Arbitrator for the Kaiser Office of Independent Arbitrators.

California Arbitration & Mediation Services is pleased that our attorney panelists have worked on cases involving types of professional negligence including legal malpractice, medical/dental malpractice, accounting malpractice, and others.

California Arbitration & Mediation Services panelists can get your case to arbitration or mediation quickly and efficiently at a cost much lower than most in Southern California without sacrificing the quality of service. The panel of Dispute Resolution Professionals at California Arbitration & Mediation Services are available to serve you.