An Elevated Approach to Dispute Resolution

The panelists of California Arbitration & Mediation Services have developed a wide reputation for having the talent & skills needed to help parties navigate the many difficult facets of legal conflict. Those panelists work collaboratively amongst each other to refine their efforts in order to stay focused on the cutting edge of dispute resolution techniques. The result is that the clients of California Arbitration & Mediation Services can expect and will receive an elevated level of service.

Stay in control · Save money
Avoid uncertainty · Manage the risk

With firm roots in California’s Inland Empire, the Panelists at California Arbitration & Mediation Services are ready to serve you wherever & whenever the need arises. Panelists are asked to join California Arbitration & Mediation Services based on their talent, education and track record in helping parties manage and successfully navigate the process and to resolve tough issues.

Conflict Resolution Without Fear or Risk

Life is a struggle. No matter how happy we may be. No matter how successful. The stressors we experience distract us from what is important to make it to the next day. When we encounter a conflict that complicates our lives, whether a domestic conflict or a civil conflict, we are further distracted from life. What can we do to manage those distractions and resolve those conflicts at a minimum economic and emotional cost?

California Arbitration & Mediation Services is an elite association of highly trained and widely experienced dispute resolution professionals.

Our signature is the constant, on-going and in-depth collaboration amongst our panelists in order to stay on the crest of new developments in Dispute Resolution. Our goal is to promptly deliver cutting-edge services at a reasonable cost.

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